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DIY garage door repair is a controversial topic. While this approach has the appeal of saving money, the potential consequences can easily cancel out that primary benefit if things go wrong. Unless you have experience as great as or equal to that of a professional garage door technician, experts discourage DIY garage door repair attempts. There are many risks involved in taking the DIY approach, as seen in some of the most common DIY garage door repair mistakes.

6 Common DIY Garage Door Repair Mistakes

If you have the qualifications and capabilities to perform DIY garage door repairs, you want to be as prepared as possible. To aid in your preparation, avoid these six common DIY garage door repair mistakes:

1. Ignoring Unusual Sounds

Is your garage door making sounds it doesn’t normally produce during operation? From creaking to screeching and others, the last thing you want to assume is that the noises will go away on their own. Unusual sounds are typically indicative of a bigger problem with your garage door, so ignoring them can have dire consequences. If your goal is to be a DIY garage door repair pro, find time to determine the source of those sounds sooner rather than later.

2. Not Having The Right Tools

Professional garage door technicians are trained to use specific tools for certain garage door repairs. One of the biggest DIY garage door repair mistakes you can make is using the wrong tools to address a specific repair. For example, tools like winding bars cannot be substituted with other items because they are tailored specifically to address spring and cable repairs.

3. Not Using Safety Equipment

Another one of the most dire DIY garage door repair mistakes is neglecting safety equipment. As a DIY-er, you are more likely to risk injuring yourself or damaging your garage door or other property than an experienced professional. Because you aren’t a garage door technician, it is absolutely paramount that you obtain and use all the necessary safety equipment available, like a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, a ladder, and many others.

4. Ignoring The Warranty

Before performing your own garage door repairs, take time to check the warranty of your garage door. Ignoring the warranty is one of the most costly DIY garage door repair mistakes. Your garage door’s warranty helps cover the costs of garage door maintenance and repairs within a specific time frame from its initial installation. If you attempt to repair your garage door yourself, you risk potentially forfeiting your warranty, leading you to miss out on saving money.

5. Attempting Advanced Repairs

If you insist on repairing your own garage door, stick to addressing problems that are within your skillset or that are easy to do, like lubricating and washing. Without the right training or experience, you risk injuring yourself and damaging your property if you attempt advanced repairs, like spring and cable repair and replacement.

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6. Not Seeking Professional Garage Door Repair Services

Speaking of attempting advanced repairs, another one of the more serious mistakes you can make is not seeking professional help. By leaving repairs outside your skillset in professional hands, you ultimately end up saving money on potential repairs to fix your mistakes. You also won’t have to worry about paying for medical bills that could result from garage door injuries.

Avoid DIY Garage Door Repair Mistakes Altogether By Hiring Simple Garage Door Repair!

We hope that by highlighting the six most common mistakes made during a DIY garage door repair job, you understand the importance of taking the necessary precautions. However, you can avoid making these mistakes altogether by hiring a professional garage door repair service. Luckily, if you live in Texas City, you only need to contact us at Simple Garage Door Repair, and we will return your garage door to working order before you know it.