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About Garage Door Springs

You could well use your garage door everyday and probably expect it to open without any problems. Then one day it doesn’t open.  Luckily for you, you live in Texas City, TX. You have heard of Garage Doors Texas City and that they have a good reputation.

At Simple, we operate 24/7, and we will arrive at your home on the same day.  We will also get your garage repaired.   However, why have you gotten yourself in this situation? You should treat a modern garage door the same way your treat your car. There must be regular maintenance routines.  This way, you will avoid emergencies and possibly large repair bills. Modern garage doors have a number of different interdependent systems that must all work together so that the door can function properly, just like a motor vehicle. A key component in a modern panel garage door is the garage door springs.

There are two main types of garage door springs, namely the torsion and extension springs. They have a critical role in balancing out the movement of the garage door. If they were to break, the door would stop working. Worse still, the garage door might come crashing down without warning. You might pick up on an imbalance in the garage door or a strain on the opener motor. However, there is a method of knowing when to replace all your garage door springs.

The Lifespan of Garage Door Springs

These springs have a set “life”. All metals will “work harden” if a force is applied to them. The molecular structure of metal changes. As such, these springs will progressively harden, become more brittle, lose their springiness, and at some point, snap. Every time the garage door is opened and closed, the spring extends and contracts.  This is known as a “cycle.”  The springs will last for approximately 10,000 cycles.   From this, you can predict the following:  If a garage door is opened 8 times a day, the springs could snap in only 3 years.  If the garage door goes up and down 6 times a day, spring failure will take around 5 years. If the garage door is used 4 times a day, then the springs will break in 7 years.  For a “low usage garage door” that is being used only twice a day, the garage door could last for 14 years.

Looking at these figures, it is clear that garage door spring repair, combined with a regular maintenance routine, is essential. This is especially the case if your garage door is used a lot or if you have an office or commercial concern where vehicles are coming and going all the time.  Our garage door spring repair company in Texas City, TX will gladly help you set up a regular service routine.  Your garage door “usage” can be calculated, then all the garage door springs can be replaced on a set date.

Garage Door Spring Repair Company – Call on the Experts

Garage door maintenance and repair also apply to supporting cables. These help hold the weight of the panel doors. They will need regular replacement, as the same scientific laws apply to them.

When you look at the cost and danger that might result if the garage door’s springs are allowed to fail, you will find that the routine replacements of the springs and cables will not work out to be that expensive. All charges are “up front.”  There are no “extras” later on or any hidden charges either. We are a competent and professional  garage door  repair company.  Simple Garage Door Repair in Texas City TX uses only professional and qualified specialists and technicians. Even if you feel you have a background in engineering and want to cut costs, don’t try to do the repair yourself. Removing the springs and cables is highly dangerous.  These are under high tension. If this is not done properly, they can fly out at you and potentially cause a serious injury.

Another important factor in only using an experienced garage door spring repair company is that they know what parts to use.  They use OEM or original equipment parts.  These are not expensive.  However, what is more important is that these are the components, which should be used in conjunction with all the other mechanical systems.  Even if you do track an equivalent part that may seem cheaper, this will probably not last as long and is a false economy.  Also, our company’s technicians would know exactly what to do.

Garage Door Spring Repair and Maintenance

When our technicians come to replace your garage door’s springs, they will make sure that the garage door’s power is isolated and that the door is clamped properly.  The spring is replaced and the correct wrench will tighten the bolts, using the right pressure.  We are familiar with all the different systems that are used in a modern garage door.

You can regularly monitor the rollers, hinges, and tracking.  You can also conduct a visual inspection monthly. The rollers are made of either nylon or steel.   These can get damaged, wear down, or get chipped. In the case of steel rollers, they can also possibly rust.  The hinges that lock the rollers into the tracking may need adjusting and tightening. Debris and dirt may gather and start blocking the tracking.   Maybe you can clean this yourself. The tracking might get damaged. If you see anything that worries you, call in the experts. Another set of important interrelated technologies is the opener.  The main drive systems use either a chain or belt drive.  The bolts and fittings will need adjusting and tightening up. These, too, can get damaged and worn.

There is a whole set of electrical systems that will also need replacement and maintenance.  The mains power supply should only be dealt with by the garage door repair company. Electrical and electronic components will need replacement and updating. An experienced and competent garage door repair company can deal with these technologies.