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Frequently Asked Questions

How dependable and reliable is your company?

We are highly reliable since we get the job done every time we get a call from a customer. Our expert garage door servicemen have had significant years in experience when it comes to servicing garage doors. Once we get your calls, the job is already half done.

Do you offer emergency services or same day services?

We definitely offer these two. Being in the business of servicing, installing and maintaining garage doors, we know that there will times that an emergency service would be done by us since there are times that a garage doors’ damage makes it impossible to close.

Do your repair teams come prepared with parts and tools?

They are definitely prepared to deal with any type of garage door problem. And with this preparation, bringing in a complete line-up of tools is part of it. They go to our customers in our service trucks with a complete line-up of tools to facilitate faster repair procedures.

How much will the service cost?

In this case, the charges and fees will definitely depend on the type of repair that is to be done on your garage door.  But if there is one thing that we can definitely assure our customers of, there will be no hidden fees to be added to their receipt.

Do your repairmen clean up after the service?

This is one thing that our company takes pride in. We leave your garage mess free as we do not want to leave you with a bad impression about us.  We take extra care in applying grease and make sure we wipe out any of it that has accidentally dropped on your floor.

What is your advantage over other garage door companies?

Our main advantage is our experience or the years we have put in this line of business.  There is no better way to gain knowledge about the business of repairing and maintaining garage doors other than to put in years of experience to perfect use in every job done.

Do customers have to be present during your service?

It will be a big help especially in decision making if the client is physically present during the service. However, if that cannot be worked out, any adult who has the power to make decisions can be there with us to make decisions with us.

Do your jobs come with warrantees?

We do offer warrantees when it comes to our jobs that we do on your garage doors. However, the time element of the warranty will all depend on the service that needs to be done on your door. But whatever the case is, there will be a priority when it comes to after service.

What are the areas that your company services?

We basically offer our services to any part of the big city. So it does not matter if you are located in the central, northern, western, eastern or southern part of the city because we will definitely come to you to service your needs for your garage door.

Do you carry any particular brand?

Although we do carry particular brands, however, all of our servicemen are well trained to handle just about any brand of garage door parts installed in your garage. So with that, you can guarantee that our servicemen will do a good job regardless of your brand.

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