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Moved in to my new house just this week and unfortunately the garage door broke down. Since is have my family with me, I knew I had to get it fixed at the soonest possible time. I looked through the internet and read through some reviews.  Finally I chose Garage Door Repair Company and set up a schedule with them to look at my garage door.  After just 15 minutes, I got a call back from their representative who asked for a confirmation about the meeting between them and me. We agreed on a time for the next day. And as promised they came on the appointed time the following day. The repairman, John was very helpful and gave an immediate diagnosis of the problem and got it fixed.

Jake Smith

Having been working in a service oriented company for the past nine years, I know what is a good service company from one that cannot deliver the goods they promise.  This company I have to say is one of the most professional and dependable company that I have ever called to do some repairs on my garage door. With our door being decades old now, we knew that it was bound to have repairs done on it. However, with the proper maintenance that this company has given us, repairs have come far and between from what we expected.  And recently we got an upgrade from them and they were very honest when it comes to what we are going to get and every expectation we had was met.

Janey Chang

I’m amazed at the promptness and the quality of service that Garage Door Repair Company gave to me. A spring in my garage door snapped. I immediately called them and in no time, they were able to send their service team to have a look at my garage door. The team was very professional and very courteous to me and my husband which something that we really for in service oriented companies.  They gave their analysis and how much the service and part would cost. Their honesty is one of the things that we definitely appreciate. In a couple of hours, they were able to replace the spring. This is one company that we know we will call if ever the need arises again in the future.

Veronica Mills

The service that I got from this company got me floored. They were great. First of all they were on the dot when it came to the time of the appointment. Second, the repairman never pushed me into getting an up sell of their services. Next is that the he actually took the time to answer all of my questions. Lastly, he took a detailed look into the problems my garage door had and explained to me what happened and what kind of service needs to be done to have it fixed. In my opinion, his attention to detail was second to none. Lastly, before he went, he gave my door a one-around look to see if everything is working right without asking for extra.

Helmut Mark

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