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Are you thinking about changing your garage door? Garage doors last a long time. A good appliance can have a lifespan of up to thirty years or more, but of course, no door lasts forever. When your appliance fails, it is time to select a new one to protect your garage and your possessions. But that’s easier said than done. There are so many options out there that selecting a new garage door can become overwhelming. You have to consider color, type, and material when purchasing a new appliance. Material is especially important. You want to pick the strongest and most attractive one. But how do you know which garage door materials are the best? We are here to help you. Check out our informative blog post on common garage door materials you can choose from. 

1. Steel 

Steel is at the top of the list because of its many good qualities. When you purchase a steel garage door, you can expect it to be sturdy and long-lasting. After all, steel is associated with strength. There’s the expression “strong as steel” for a reason. This material also holds up well to the elements, which is important because your garage door is exposed to the outdoors 24/7. You need something that can take a battering from wind, rain, hail, etc. 

Another benefit of steel is that it is low-maintenance. You will only have to do the bare minimum for your garage door. That means annual inspections, occasional cleaning, and routine maintenance. That’s it. What could be easier? Plus, did we mention that steel is eco-friendly? It is recyclable, and garage doors on the market are often made out of reused materials. 

2. Aluminum

Aluminum is another strong metal that makes a good choice among the top garage door materials. While aluminum is not as durable as steel, it has other benefits that help set it apart. Aluminum is light, which means that it puts less strain on your opening system over time. This can help reduce maintenance and repair issues. Aluminum is also naturally resistant to corrosion like rust, while steel isn’t. If you do not want to keep touching up your garage door paint to prevent rust, then aluminum is a good choice for you. It is also a good choice for you if you want to be eco-friendly. 

Three garage doors made of aluminum, one of the common garage door materials.

3. Vinyl 

You may associate vinyl only with floors. But this versatile material can also be used to create garage doors. Vinyl is durable and holds up well to all kinds of weather. It is also low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and affordable. This material is also resistant to rot and mold. Thus, vinyl is a great choice for homeowners on a budget who still want to purchase an appliance that will last. 

4. Wood 

Wooden garage doors are absolutely stunning. Their beauty is what makes wood such a sought-after material for doors. Wood is also long-lasting and strong if you care for it properly. But this material is high-maintenance, as it needs regular resealing to prevent damage from moisture and rot. Additionally, wooden garage doors are expensive. 

We Are Here To Help With Selecting Garage Door Materials! 

Perhaps after reading about four common garage door materials, you know exactly what you want. Maybe one stuck out to you above the rest. But if you are still undecided, that’s okay too. This is a big decision. You do not have to rush. Our team is here to assist you if you need help selecting a material for your garage door. And when you’re ready, we can also perform an expert installation for you. Contact us today to learn more about our garage door services!