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Unfortunately, you can never assume your property is safe without taking precautions. In today’s society, it seems that there is always news of another crime. Criminals sneak onto others’ property and take what doesn’t belong to them. It is unfortunate but true. Burglaries are rampant in the United States, especially in rural areas where it is easier to slip undetected onto properties. While it is not necessary to live your life in fear of someone entering your property to commit a crime, it is certainly wise to take precautions.

While your first thought may be to secure your home, that is not the only area you should focus on. Home security is important and should be prioritized. However, garage security is also important, especially if you keep valuable items such as tools and other equipment inside this area. To increase garage security, you’ll need to invest in solid garage door locks. Check out our guide on what you need to know about garage door locks. 

How Much Do Garage Door Locks Cost? 

That depends on the type of lock you choose and whether you need more than one. For instance, if you have a side entrance into your garage, it is wise to purchase a high-security lock for both the side entrance and your garage door. Exterior locks range in price anywhere from $40 to $800. You will likely stay in the lower price bracket when searching for garage door locks. 

Types of Garage Door Locks 

There are several types of garage door locks that you can choose from. Here are four garage door locks that you may find helpful in enhancing this structure’s security: 

1. Regular High-Security Locks

Many high-security locks on the market can be turned into garage door locks. For instance, you can purchase a deadbolt for your garage door, even if it is not specifically designed for it. Deadbolts add an extra layer of strength and security to existing locks, helping to reinforce doors against tampering and kick-ins. You could also use a sliding door bolt on the inside of your garage door to ensure a burglar can’t easily get in, even if they break the outside lock. 

2. Garage Defenders 

Garage Defenders are specifically designed for garage doors, making them a dependable option. They come in multiple parts. There is a base plate that goes both on the inside and outside of your garage door. Then, there are attachments that secure the door to the base plate, preventing an authorized individual from opening the door. You can purchase Garage Defenders for different types of garage doors, so there is some versatility involved with these garage door locks. 

Garage door locks and chains holding together two ring pulls

3. Keypad Locks 

Don’t want to bother with keys? You don’t have to. There are keypad locks (a type of smart lock) that use a passcode rather than a key to allow entrance into your garage. Smart locks are beneficial because they are not vulnerable to bumping and picking, two tactics commonly used by burglars to gain forced entry. 

4. T-Handle Locks

T-Handle locks are the most common garage door locks. You likely have one on your garage door if you have never made any customizations. They use a steel bolt to enhance security and prevent forced entry. 

Other Ways to Enhance Garage Security 

Purchasing strong garage door locks is a great start to enhancing garage security. However, it is far from the only method you can use to keep this structure safe. You can also add alarms and security cameras to your garage. Additionally, motion sensor lights are an excellent deterrent when trying to keep burglars away. 

We Can Help Install Garage Door Locks! 

Do you worry about keeping your garage and the possessions inside of it safe? You don’t have to worry anymore. When you hire a professional to reinforce the strength of your garage door through regular maintenance and care, you can rest well knowing that burglars won’t have an easy time getting at your valuables in storage. Contact the team at Simple Garage Door Repair to learn more about how we can assist you!