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Committing to regular garage door maintenance is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your garage door. Neglecting to perform any garage door maintenance can result in severe problems or even force you to replace your garage door before it reaches its minimum life expectancy. But what about when the seasons change? How can you maintain your garage door in preparation for the heat of summer or chilly winters? Today, you are going to learn about year-round garage door maintenance with this brief guide. 


Weatherstripping And Sealing 

Any time a change of season approaches, take time to examine your garage door’s weatherstripping and sealing. These keep your garage door and the inside of your garage from being subjected to severe forces of nature, such as natural disasters and pests.  Ensuring that weatherstripping is in good shape between seasons will allow you to stay on top of keeping your garage door in excellent condition all year round. For example, when spring starts to turn into summer, you’ll want to know if you need to replace any weatherstripping and sealing as soon as possible so your garage door can be prepared for the unpredictability of hurricane season. 


Tracks And Rollers

Whether it’s an excess of fallen leaves or spring allergies, debris buildup in your garage is inevitable. However, you can mitigate the presence of debris by performing garage door maintenance on your tracks and rollers. These two moving parts work together to ensure your garage door can open and close easily. While performing this maintenance task between seasons is ideal, it will have the greatest impact in spring and fall. 

First, you’ll need to check the garage door tracks. Do they appear to be misaligned? Have they accumulated any dirt or other debris? Saying yes to either question means it’s time to perform track maintenance. The same principle applies to rollers, as debris can get caught in them anytime a garage door is in operation. For this maintenance task, clean the tracks and rollers using standard soap and water. Align tracks if there’s any sign of misalignment, and replace any rollers that need replacing. 


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Moving Parts

Springs, hinges, cables, and other moving parts require lubrication. Without it, your garage door would take more time during operation and face increasing issues over time. For this reason, it’s important to lubricate these moving parts at least twice a year or whenever the movement of your garage door seems awry. 



Garage door hardware can be decorative or serve a practical purpose. You can start this part of garage door maintenance by inspecting any and all visible parts for signs of wear and tear. Clean or make time to replace the hardware depending on its current condition; that way, your garage door can be prepared to function any time of year fully. 



Between every season, pay attention to the state of your garage door insulation. Has it been as effective as it has been in the past? Have you noticed that it isn’t keeping your garage as warm in the winter or as cool in the summer? Are your energy bills climbing back to the numbers they showed before your garage door was insulated? If any of these scenarios are happening to you, have your garage door insulation checked out or replaced by a professional as soon as possible. 


Our Technicians Are Here To Help!

Hopefully, this introductory look at year-round garage door maintenance allows you to feel more prepared to keep your garage in great working condition all year long. However, some things happen to garage doors that are beyond your control and require the assistance of a garage door technician. If you live in Texas City, you only need to contact us today at Simple Garage Door Repair.