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Evolution is a beautiful thing. Through this, we are able to improve the convenience and overall safety of living. For instance, the first automobile this planet ever saw was riddled with issues, making it all but impossible to carry out its sole function—getting from point A to point B. Now we have a wide selection of high-quality cars that can operate at peak efficiency for decades.

Another underappreciated evolution over the years is that of the garage door. This thing that used to enclose spaces that stored horse-drawn carriages is now enclosing spaces that house vehicles, serve as storage spaces, and even work as living spaces. If you would like some insight into the growth of garage doors, explore the evolution of garage doors in this blog post.

The Evolution Of Garage Doors

The evolution of garage doors goes as far back as the 1800s. Continue reading to see how it all began.

Manual Garage Doors

As previously mentioned, the first garage doors were used to protect horse-drawn carriages. Society at this time did not have the convenience of garage doors that opened with the push of a button. Rather, they were forced to manually open the doors each time they needed to enter or exit their garage.

Carriage doors swing open and close from the middle. These garage doors were typically made of wood and metal, meaning they were quite heavy. Luckily, we no longer have to struggle to push open our garage doors every morning.

People realized how annoying it was to constantly open and close such a heavy door, day in and day out. Sliding doors would be added to the mix, making it much easier to open and close, especially when dealing with snow.

Automatic Garage Doors

As you can imagine, getting out of the car to manually open a garage door can be irritating. C.G. Johnson, the inventor of the first automatic garage door, felt the same way in 1921. He created the overhead garage door, and shortly after, he created the first electric door opener.

The overhead garage door would serve as the foundation for garage doors forever, greatly improving the convenience of opening garage doors. Additionally, during this time, garages would become attached to homes. These doors would continue to evolve into what you are familiar with today.

Advantages Of Modern Garage Doors

We have so many wonderful garage door features today that people in the 1920s could only imagine. We have the luxury of safety, convenience, and even vast customizability options. Discover the advantages that modern garage doors have to offer right here:


Thanks to the remote control and voice control features of our garage door, we can easily enter and exit our garages with ease. Struggling to open such a large door isn’t even a thought nowadays. These features are the ultimate convenience, especially when we are in a hurry to leave.


Modern garage doors also have many safety features, including sensors, rolling codes, and even cameras. We can observe our driveway through a smartphone app and get notified whenever the garage door opens, so we are always aware of what is going on. The “rolling code” feature changes the code of your garage door whenever it opens, reducing the possibility of a break-in.

The sensors also allow us to avoid damaging our vehicles and even ourselves. These are just some of the many security features modern garage doors have to offer. But you can’t experience them with an old garage door.

The Evolution Of Garage Doors

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