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When you see a well-maintained wood garage door, what comes to mind? Do you find yourself transported back to a different time? Are you reminded of the great outdoors? Whatever comes to mind, wood garage doors are a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal. But what if you didn’t want to deal with the downsides of wood garage doors, such as fading and weathering? Luckily, we are going to tell you why modern faux wood garage doors are a viable alternative.

What Exactly Are Modern Faux Wood Garage Doors Made Of?

A modern faux wood garage door possesses the appearance of wood, all the while being made of another material. Modern faux wood garage doors are made of a variety of different materials, so let’s take a look at the two most common faux wood materials. 

1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is one of the most popular choices for faux wood. This material produces less noise than most garage door materials. It’s also cheaper to maintain than regular wood because fiberglass is a type of plastic that contains glass fibers. 

2. Steel 

Steel is an all-around popular garage door material choice, whether or not it’s being used as faux wood. They are notably more weather-resistant and durable than their natural wood counterparts. 

What Are The Benefits of Modern Faux Wood Garage Doors?

There are numerous advantages that modern faux wood garage doors have over real wood garage doors. We are going to take a look at three of the most significant reasons why modern faux wood is a more worthwhile investment for your garage door. 

1. Low Maintenance and Upkeep Costs

Do you wish you didn’t need to worry about so many maintenance tasks to keep your garage door operational? Do you also wish you didn’t need to worry about being able to afford repair services whenever your garage door malfunctions? The good news is that modern faux wood garage doors bring the aesthetic appeal of real wood without the usual maintenance requirements

Faux wood is not impacted by water damage to the same extent as real wood and is not as prone to fading and visible aging either. Not only does this cut down the extent of maintenance required, but it also means you are less likely to call a professional for the major upkeep services that a real wood garage door would need. Simply put, modern faux wood garage doors save time and money. 

2. Longevity and Durability

As stated previously, faux wood is not as susceptible to the types of damage that real wood often incurs. As a result, faux wood is more likely to last up to its maximum life expectancy.  Both fiberglass and steel make this extended lifespan possible. While wood garage doors will rot, warp, fade, and even erode over time, steel and fiberglass will be more easily able to withstand the effects of moisture, humidity, and severe storms. 

modern faux wood garage doors

3. More Customization Possibilities 

While regular wood is customizable, there are only so many ways it can be molded to fit the vision of your dream garage door. Faux wood, on the other hand, is a more versatile option if you want a customized garage door. Customization can also be cheap if you choose to take a DIY approach to your current garage door. 

If you own a garage door that’s made of steel or fiberglass and wish it had the look of wood, you don’t need to do a complete replacement. All you need to do is make use of gel stain and other paints to give your garage door that incredibly convincing faux wood coat. 

(Simply) The Best Garage Door Service In Texas! 

We hope you found this guide to modern faux wood garage doors helpful, whether you were simply curious or are thinking of starting a remodeling project for your garage door. Even if you already own a faux wood garage door, you still want to make sure you have a reliable service to call in case something goes wrong. Our certified technicians at Simple Garage Door Repair can work with garage doors of any materials, making our services simply the best. Contact us today and keep your garage door in great shape.